green is good


Recharge and reflect

Indoor plants calm us down. They can reduce anxiety by almost 40%. Researchers found having plants around makes people more agreeable, happy, and open.


Good for the body

Plants filter our air, removing dangerous pollutants and bacteria often found in living spaces. They also reduce sickness by improving indoor humidity levels.


Create better

Plants improve our ability to focus and produce. Researchers have found test scores are higher with plants in the room and people can be 15% more creative.





according to plan.

For project from two weeks to years away. Our team is equipped to handle all aspects of plant installation in a variety of spaces. We work well with others.


brings life to events.

Special events, pop-ups, not 100% committed to a space; we love these timely projects. Please note that our typical rental budget is greater than $2k.

Plant Care

guarantees lushness.

Plant Care Subscriptions cover all Jungle NYC plants' needs; watering, trimming, pest management, and reinvigoration. Plant health is guaranteed with our weekly plan.