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Acute / Terracotta

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Pot Size:

Color: Terracotta

Plant Pairing: Without plant

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14-day returns

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care advice


This terracotta pot recalls desert scenes, canyons, and stucco facades. We love pairing it with mini cactus and succulents, but the Acute planter's design is sure to set off the features of any plant. The triangular coaster tray interlocks with the pot. Handmade in Texas.


Terracotta Clay


3” W x 3.5” H Tray 6.5”w x 6.5” l

Plant Size:

Comes potted if purchased with a plant - Fits up to a 2" grow pot

No Drainage Hole:

Comes with a clay pebble drainage layer if purchased with a plant.

How It Was Made

Designed and handmade by Wyatt Little in Texas. Molded to shape by hand. Made with sturdy terracotta clay, kiln-dried. Locally sourced and eco-friendly.


The base tray serves as a coaster for the pot with matching zig zags to hold in place. Use the pot with or without the coaster. No drainage hole - comes with a layer of pebbles for excess water when paired with a plant

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Acute / Terracotta / Mini _C
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Plant Info

Succulent / Mini

DISCOUNTED ITEMS FINAL SALE: Please note this is a healthy but imperfect plant. Appearance may vary.

Do you indiscriminately love succulents or happen to be looking for an easy and unique plant? This is our selection of succulents, promised to be a high-quality arid plant with lots of personality. Succulents are a low-maintenance type of plant that thrive on neglect and sunshine.


Bright light, ideally some direct sun


When soil is fully dry and leaves wilt slightly



Not Pet Friendly - Avoid ingesting


Sits 3-4" tall in 2" grow pot