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care advice

Vibrant with patterned leaves, Aglaonemas are striking and easy-going plants. Because they're laid-back, Aglaonema's are suited for busy lifestyles and less-than-ideal growing conditions. They tolerate dry and moist conditions and can thrive in low light spaces.


Grows best in indirect light - Tolerates low light


Water when the top 1/2 of the soil is dry - Fully saturate the soil


Air Purifying - Absorbs pollutants


Not Pet Friendly - Avoid ingesting


Sits 24-36" tall by 18-30" wide


Pro Tips

Darker leafed Aglaonemas tolerate lower light levels, but will grow very slowly and require very little water in spaces with little or no natural light. Will do best in or near an East or West-facing window.


Aglaonema is a genus of approximately 20 species of perennials from tropical Asia, commonly called Chinese Evergreen. The name comes from the Greek word aglaos, meaning bright or clear, and nema, meaning thread. They grow naturally under large leafed canopies so tolerate and are happiest in low light levels. Aglaonema do flower but as the flowers take a lot of energy from the plant it is best to remove them. Fun Fact - Aglaonema is the title character's beloved houseplant featured in the film Leon.

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