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Aralia Ming

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care advices

care advice

A light texture, striking coloration, and easy care make False Aralia an indoor plant favorite. The leaves' feathery texture is accentuated by their color, often ranging from copper to dark green. Stems have mottled white spots. Moderate light and water needs.


Grows best in bright indirect light - Tolerates low to medium light


Water when the top 1/2 of soil is dry - Fully saturate the soil



Not Pet Friendly - Avoid ingesting


Sits 34-58" tall by 16-24" wide In a 12" grow pot

Pro Tips

Ming Aralia drop foliage readily, and may shed from time to time. To avoid excessive leaf drop, make sure your plant isn't exposed to drafts or heating or cooling elements, like AC or forced-air heating. Mist regularly in the winter to avoid crispy foliage. Aralia can become leggy over time- to encourage bushy growth, try pruning back slightly in the springtime, just before the growing season.


Polyscias fruticosa, commonly called Ming Aralia, is an evergreen shrub native to tropical zones in India and Polynesia. It has been introduced and established itself in tropical and subtropical regions around the world. It grows to 6-8' in the wild, but won't grow as tall in a pot.

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