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Bamboo Palm

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care advices

care advice

Like its namesake the Bamboo Palm produces tall upright canes with glossy and lush fronds of blunt ended leaves. Slow growing but a truly forgiving plant, this is the perfect palm for novice. Prefers indirect sun but is very tolerant of low light conditions.


Grows best in bright indirect light - Tolerates lower light


Water when the soil is mostly dry - Fully saturate the soil, then allow time to dry in between waterings


Air Purifying - Absorbs pollutants


Pet Friendly - Non Toxic


Sits 3.5-4.5' tall by 1.5-2.5' wide


Pro Tips

Bamboo palms are great for beginners! It's one of the best plants at handling lower light levels and infrequent waterings.


Native to Central America.

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