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care advice

Do you indiscriminately love cactus or looking for an easy and unique plant? This is our selection of cactus, promised to be a high-quality arid cactus with lots of personality. Cactus is a low-maintenance type of plant that thrives on neglect and sunshine.


Does best in direct sun, with at least 2 hrs of exposure per day


Water very rarely, once soil is completely dry



Pet Friendly - Nontoxic


Sits 4-9" tall In a 4" grow pot

Pro Tips

Remember, this is a desert plant! It needs to dry adequately for optimal health, and direct sunlight is non-negotiable. Wait until it looks a little shriveled before watering it again.


Native to Mexico. The Barrel Cactus is named for its barrel shaped form. In their natural habitat they can grow up to 10ft with imposing and sharp spines that protect the plant from animals and insects that may want to take its moisture. Under these spines, it has finer spines which reflect the harsh light of the desert to keep it cool. If fruit is produced this can be eaten but make sure to wash it before hand!

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