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Calathea Network

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care advices

care advice

The Calathea Network produces spear shaped leaves of bright green with darker veins flowing through. A truly remarkable plant, the Calathea Network is so called due its wonderfully bizarre variation reminiscent of binary code!


Grows best in medium to bright indirect light - Avoid direct sun


Keep evenly moist, water when top 1-2 inches are dry - Do not allow to fully dry out - Loves purified water & high humidity


Air Purifying - Absorbs pollutants


Pet Friendly - Non Toxic


Sits 9-18" tall by 9-18" wide


Pro Tips

Calatheas love humidity, so mist them occasionally or leave them in a tray of pebbles and water. Keep away from AC and heat drafts. Another sign to look for when thirsty is closed leaves during the daytime. To ensure glossy new growth, allow plant water to sit out overnight, or use purified water. Calathea have different metabolisms from other plants, and aren't able to handle all the chemicals typically found in tap water.


Commonly called Calathea Network, this unusual plant is native to the South American rainforest where it enjoys humidity and a temperate climate. Calathea Network is also classed as a 'prayer plant' whose leaves fold up at night to replicate hands at prayer and then open again at first light. 

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