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Dracaena Tarzan

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Dracaena Tarzan is a long-leafed, spiky plant that makes for a strong vertical design element. This easy-care plant is a tree that grows in a single vertical column. Although slow-growing, these long-lived, pointed pals get quite tall given time. This plant adds a whole lot of green in one.


Bright indirect is best - Okay with a touch of direct sun - Very tolerant of low light


Water when top 2 inches are dry


Air Purifying - Absorbs pollutants, filters formaldehyde, benzene and more from the air


Not Pet Friendly - Avoid ingesting


Sits 3'-4.5' tall by 2.5-3.5' wide In 10" grow pot

Pro Tips

Although drought tolerant, this plant will start to look crispy or even drop leaves if left to dry for too long. These are also some of the least low-light tolerant of the Dracaena genus, and require bright indirect light to do their best growing.


Dracaena Tarzan is actually a cultivar of Dracaena Marginata, meaning that they are technically the same species, although quite different in appearance! They generally reach heights of 6' when grown indoors, but can reach 10-15' in outdoor conditions!

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