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Euphorbia Trigona

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care advices

care advice

Euphorbia Trigona can be intimidating thanks to its spiky appearance, but don't be fooled! This cactus-like succulent is easy to care for, and will grow quickly given some direct sun. Add structure to a sunny spot with this branching beauty, and expect it to stick around for a long time.


Does best in direct light


Let soil dry out completely between watering



Not Pet Friendly - Avoid ingesting


Sits 8-14" tall by 4-8" wide, in 4" grow pot

Pro Tips

Euphorbia need more water than true cactus, as they grow faster and store less water. Still, allow this plant to dry well, even in lots of sun. Euphorbia also propagate easily! Cuttings can be made into new baby plants. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling Euphorbia, as the sap can cause skin irritation. Handle with care!


Native to Africa; the Euphorbia Trigona is also known as the African Milk Tree Cactus, Candelabra Cactus, Abyssinian Euphorbia, Cathedral Cactus, and Friendship Cactus. This plant is only known to be in human cultivation, and isn't found in the wild. Not many pests are known to live on Trigonas- the most common health problem they have is toppling over under their own weight!

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