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False Aralia

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care advices

care advice

Light texture, striking dark coloration, and moderate care make False Aralia an easy favorite. The leaves' feathery texture is accentuated by color, ranging from copper to dark green. Foliage can look like marijuana but they are not related.


Grows best in bright indirect light - Tolerates low to medium light


Water when the top 1/2 of soil is dry - Fully saturate the soil



Pet Friendly - Nontoxic


Sits 2.5'-3.5' tall In 10" grow pot

Pro Tips

False Aralia doesn't like to be moved around much. Changing location can interrupt its photosynthesis cycle, and may cause leaves to drop. Once you have your False Aralia acclimated, try to keep its conditions consistent. The leaf color is affected by light levels, so for darker leaves, put it in an area with more brighter light. Just avoid more than three hours of direct sun for best results.


Native to rainforests in New Caledonia in the South Pacific and part of the Gingseng family. In the rainforest it can grow to be a 50' tall tree but as a house plant it tends to grow a maximum of 6ft. It was exported and noted by a botanist in the 19th century, and has since become a popular houseplant. Can be grown outdoors in zones 10 through 12 but generally prefers to be kept indoors as a houseplant where it can be planted all year round.

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