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Hapi / Black Marble

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Color: Black Marble

Plant Pairing: Without plant

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14-day returns

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care advice

This planter makes self-watering look so, so good. Handcrafted by House Raccoon in Belgium, this innovative planter has three parts; a bottom dish that holds water, a hexagonal planter up top, and wicks that connects the two, drawing water up to the plant. This is an ideal planter for keeping your plants safe when away on a vacation.


Gypsum composite / Jesmonite


Pot 5"H x 5.5 L x 5"W, Overall height with base 7"H

Plant Size:

Comes potted if purchased with a plant - Size: Fits a 4" grow pot


Self watering technology Molded into two parts and fitted with a natural reed connection tech

How It Was Made

Handcrafted from jesmonite in Antwerp, Belgium by House Raccoon. Made out of premium gypsum composite materials for durability. The pot has a smooth surface texture, small feet on underside, and it is waterproof.


This is a self watering design; wicks draw water into upper planter from basin. Refill after allowing for drying period for best results. Molded into two parts and fitted with a natural reed connection.

Hapi / Black Marble / S _C