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Marble Crayon / Emerald-Yellow

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Pot Size:



Color: Emerald-Yellow

Plant Pairing: Without plant

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free potting

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14-day returns

care advices

care advice

Each of these is a little bit of psychedelic art. The geometric design is complimented by vivid swirls of tie-dye color, created by casting and dying Jesmonite. The material feels like cool ceramic, but has the durability of plastic. Made in Scotland by a small batch artisan, each pot is unique and finished by hand.




3"W x 3"L x 3"H

Plant Size:

Comes potted if purchased with a plant - Fits up to a 2" grow pot.

No Drainage Hole:

Comes with a clay pebble drainage layer if purchased with a plant.

How It Was Made

Created by Misshandled, the pot’s structure is uniquely patterned to give a distinctive geometry. However, be careful: Jesmonite material is porous, so you can only pair it with plants that do not need too much water to grow.


One-off marble design Indoor use only The material is porous; do not put in too much water

Marble Crayon / Emerald-Yellow / Mini _C