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3-inch-Coral-Lilac-Cobalt-Marble-Crayon-Jesmonite-Plant-Pot-by-Misshandled _C


Marble Crayon / Coral-Lilac-Cobalt

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Pot Size:



Color: Coral-Lilac-Cobalt

Plant Pairing: Without plant

free potting

free potting

14-day returns

14-day returns

care advices

care advice

A true one off where no two pots are the same, this gorgeously retro pot will be the talk of the town! Due to the marbling process each pot received will differ from that pictured but will be made up of brightly hued Coral, Bright Coral, Lilac, Yellow & Peacock Blue tones. Although this pot has been sealed to make it waterproof, please note it is for indoor use only.




3.5"T x 4.5"W x 3.5" inner dimension

Plant Size:

Comes potted if purchased with a plant - Fits up to a 3" grow pot

No Drainage Hole:

Comes with a clay pebble drainage layer if purchased with a plant.

How It Was Made

100% handmade in Manchester UK with Eco Friendly Jesmonite mineral stone powder and a high quality pure ECO water-based heat resistant and VOC Free acrylic resin. 
This planter is made in Manchester. All materials and colors are hand mixed and dyed and hand poured into moulds, de-moulded, sanded & sealed.


No Drainage Hole: If paired with a plant, it comes with a built-in clay pebble drainage layer.

Delivery & Returns

Delivery available in NYC

Free pick-up at the Jungle NYC store

14-day Returns or Exchanges for Jungle Members
Note that every plant is unique. The plant you recieve will be similar but will not exactly match the photo.