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Pencil Cactus

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The Euphorbia Pencil Cactus is a stalky, structural plant known for its coral-like appearance. This spineless succulent is not a true cactus, and you can expect it to grow faster than many other arid plants. A great low-maintenance piece for a spacious, sunny place.


At least 2 hours direct sun, more for optimal growth


Water when soil is totally dry, even waiting to see a small amount of wrinkling on plant



Not Pet Friendly - Avoid ingesting


Sits 10-16" tall and 6-8" wide In a 6" grow pot

Pro Tips

Euphorbia need more water than true cactus, as they grow faster and store less water. Still, allow this plant to dry well, even in lots of sun. Euphorbia also propagate easily! Cuttings can be made into new baby plants. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling Euphorbia, as the sap can cause skin irritation. Handle with care!


Native to East Africa and India, the Pencil Cactus is a species of the Euphorbia, a massive, diverse genus of flowering plants. In the wild, this plant grows as a tree, and can reach heights of up to 30 feet! In your home, this bushy plant is likely to stay much smaller. Companies worldwide have explored this plant's value in oil and latex production.

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