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Pickle Plant

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care advice

It's not hard to see where the pickle plant got its name with its cute pickle shaped leaves covered in fuzzy hair! A distinctive succulent producing tiny daisy like flowers in the spring. The pickle plant does best in bright indirect light, but tolerates lower light but may not flower if too dark. The weird ones are the most lovable!


Grows best in bright indirect light with some direct sun, like an East or West facing window


Water when the soil has completely dried


Air Purifying - Absorbs pollutants


Pet Friendly - Non Toxic


Sits 16-24" tall by 9-16" wide


Pro Tips

The Pickle Plant like all succulents is drought tolerant and does not like to be stood in water. Overwatering can lead to root rot so allow the soil to dry out in between watering.


Commonly called Pickle Plant or Ice Plant, this pickle shaped succulent hails from South Africa. Drought tolerant, but enjoys full to partial sun.

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