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Polka Dot Plant

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care advice

As the name suggests, this unusual and beautiful plant is covered in colored spots creating a gorgeous and unique look. They are moderately quick-growing given the right conditions, and perfect for beginners. Even when mature, the Polka Dot Plant can stay in a smaller planter, making it great for a bright tabletop or desk.


Bright, indirect is best - No direct sun as it will burn the leaves


Allow top of soil to dry out 1-2 inches - Loves humidity


Air Purifying - Absorbs pollutants


Pet Friendly - Nontoxic


Sits 4-6” tall and 5-7” wide, in a 4" grow pot

Pro Tips

The Polka Dot Plant will dramatically droop when thirsty. After a few hours, it will perk right back up! Mist leaves daily, and/or keep on a pebble tray of water. Keep away from AC&heat drafts to ensure proper humidity


Hypoestes phyllostachya, commonly called polka dot plant, is native to Madagascar and Australia. Very often seen as a weed in Australia due to its quick-growing nature, making it easy to care for and look after as a houseplant.

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