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Praha / Natural

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Color: Natural

Plant Pairing: Without plant

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14-day returns

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Nature meets technology - This 3D printed pot is 100% made from plant-based materials. It is printed from a high-quality blend of corn bioplastics and recycled wood fibers, giving it a unique texture and feel. These architectural designs recall building models, and their ridged surfaced catch light beautifully.


3D Printed Bio-plastic and Wood


Interior 4.5"W x 4.5"L x 4.25"H, Exterior 6"W x 6": x 4.5"H

Plant Size:

Comes potted if purchased with a plant - Fits a 4" grow pot

No Drainage Hole:

Comes with a clay pebble drainage layer if purchased with a plant.

How It Was Made

Designed and 3D printed in France by Minimum Design, it is made from sustainable and environmentally friendly material; a blend of bioplastic made from corn (70%) and recycled wood fibers (30%). The production process produces no waste, and the pot is entirely biodegradable over time.


Created with recycled wood and bio-plastic. It will biodegrade eventually, but is shelf-stable with proper care. No Drainage Hole: If paired with a plant, it comes with a built-in clay pebble drainage layer.

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Plant Info

Dracaena Compacta / S

DISCOUNTED ITEMS FINAL SALE: Please note this is a healthy but imperfect plant. Appearance may vary.

Dracaena Compacta is a tight, spiky-leafed plant. As the name "Compacta" suggests, this little tree features a small, bushy profile. Along with a tight silhouette, Compactas tolerate periods of drought and darkness well, making them low-maintenance additions for interior rooms like bathrooms and offices.


Bright indirect is best - Okay with a touch of direct sun - Very tolerant of low light


Water when top 3 inches are dry


Air Purifying - Absorbs pollutants


Not Pet Friendly - Avoid ingesting


Sits 8" tall by 6" wide In 4" grow pot