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Rubber Plant

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14-day returns

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care advice

Distinctive, large burgundy leaves make the Rubber a sought-after indoor plant. Also known as Ficus Elastica, Rubber plants plants add a structural element to your home and are free from the hassle of higher-maintenance varieties.


Bright indirect light or partial direct sun


Water when the top 1 inch of soil is completely dry


Air Purifying - Absorbs pollutants


Not Pet Friendly - Avoid ingesting


Sits 26″-32″ tall In a 10" grow pot

Pro Tips

Rubber Trees are some of the most drought-tolerant members of the Ficus genus. If you're looking for an easy-care, leafy tree, this is it!


Ficus elastica, known as the rubber fig, rubber tree, or rubber plant, is a species of plant in the family Moraceae, native to eastern parts of South Asia and southeast Asia. Its names come from its use in the production of natural latex!

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