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Spider Plant

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14-day returns

care advices

care advice

This is one of the most popular, easy house plants to grow. The Spider Plant likes to be in a pot or hanging basket where it can truly spread out and hang down. The Spider Plant produces long stems with baby plants at the ends, which can produce roots, making them super easy to propogate.


Grows best in bright indirect light - Can handle lower light


Water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry - Avoid over-watering


Air Purifying - Absorbs pollutants


Pet Friendly - Nontoxic


Sits 12-16" tall In a 6" grow pot

Pro Tips

Leaves will become dull in color and close slightly when thirsty. Spiderettes can be separated and placed in water to root!


Native to Africa, Asia, and Australia. Legend has it that this popular house plant was first discovered on Cook's third expedition in the 1800s and the sailors nicknamed the plant "the Spider Plant" for obvious reasons! This is an extremely easy plant to look after and given traditionally as a gift to show someone you care.

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