Succulent / Mini

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Plant size: Succulent / Mini

Succulent / Mini

Get it Planted: Without pot

Do you indiscriminately love succulents or happen to be looking for an easy and unique plant? This is our selection of succulents, promised to be a high-quality arid plant with lots of personality. Succulents are a low-maintenance type of plant that thrive on neglect and sunshine.


Bright light, ideally some direct sun


When soil is fully dry and leaves wilt slightly



Not Pet Friendly - Avoid ingesting


Sits 3-4" tall in 2" grow pot

Pro Tips

Although low-maintenance, succulents still need some direct light! Keep in an East- or West-facing window and water when slightly shriveled.


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Note that every plant is unique. The plant you recieve will be similar but will not exactly match the photo.